Gravity Liberty CX 24 Speed Aluminum Cyclocross Bike (Yellow, 50cm fits 5’7″ up to 5’10”)


Cantilever Brakes
Lightweight Aluminum Frame
Aluminum Alloy Wheels

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The new 2017 Gravity Liberty CX is just the bike for the rider wanting the performance of an aluminum frame, wide gearing, comfortable riding position and dealing with a budget. Higher performance and more comfort with the Advanced Straight fork blades.

The Liberty frame is precision welded from specially shaped lightweight and strong aluminum tubing. The tubing is Gravity’s own special CXSeries tube-set. Look at the engineered top tube and bi-oval downtube.
This is designed for a responsive performance while maintaining a comfortable ride quality. The frame is a semi-compact geometry which allows for a bit more comfortable and upright position and easy straddling. Yet is still aero-enough for some serious riding. Powerful cantilever brakes and rear rack mounts make this the perfect commuter.

Compare this bike to the Trek, Giant, Specialized road bikes that sell for $900 plus tax. Most have straight blade forks and aluminum frames, many have semi-compact frames. Many other bikes have only 16 gears, the Liberty has a much wider range with 24 gears. Trek, Giant and Specialized road bikes with similar specs sell for $900 range.

Why pay almost twice as much more money for lesser equipment?

The Gravity Liberty CX is only $399 This price includes shipping by UPS ground to 48 states.


NEW 24 Speed Shimano Drivetrain

NEW CXSeries Aluminum Frame, lighter, higher performance with comfortable semi-upright geometry




Compare to Trek and Giant Defy bicycles
Cantilever Brakes
Lightweight Aluminum Frame
Aluminum Alloy Wheels
STI Shifters
24 Speed Shimano drivetrain