Aluminum Fat Bike Gravity Bullseye Monster Five with Powerful Disc Brakes Fat Tire Bicycle 26″ x 4.9″ (Matt Black, 20″ fits Most 6’1″ to 6’3″)


Fantastic Quality Strong Aluminum Fat Bike
Powerful Tektro Disc brakes front and rear!
Sram X4 Shifters and Drivetrain Components

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FAT BIKES! Ingeniously simple concept. Giant tires = more control in loose conditions.

Super wide tires “float” over snow and sand…the fastest bikes you’ll ever ride on mud, bogs, deep sand and snow. As a bonus, they’re great convo makers and super smile-generators

Check the large holes in the rim. Most fat bike rims today are single-wall, one layer of material in the rim. With the cutout single wall rims, the one cool side effect is that you can see the rim tape that bulges out due to the pressure in the tube. Awesome fun, we have these in contrasting colors.

How much does a fat bike weigh? These bikes are big and Big FUN. Big weighs more. Most average fat bikes weigh between about 30 and 40 pounds. How much do these fat bikes weigh? Compare specs, aluminum fat bikes with similar parts will weigh the about the same.

How do Fat Bikes ride? Way better than standard mountain bikes in snow? Yes. No Doubt. You’ll ride over absolutely almost everything. Float over three feet of soft powder snow or deep sugar sand and laugh! You’ll do a tons more riding – and way less walking.

Awesome in rough conditions such as snow, deflate the tires to provide more traction. Compare Fat Bikes to the difference between a car and monster truck SUV. Your fat bike can go more places, like sport utility vehicles.

The hottest trend in the mountain biking world right now. Fat bikes are hard to miss. Their giant, “fat” tires roll over virtually anything, which makes them an ideal winter mode of transportation because they help cyclists traverse snowy and icy trails with ease and traction. While the bikes were pioneered for snowy climates, such as found on the Front Range, they work well in a variety of environments including sand and loose rock, which has some local bike experts dubbing fat bikes as the all-around mountain bike of the future.
Fantastic Quality Strong Aluminum Fat Bike
Powerful Tektro Disc brakes front and rear!
Sram X4 Shifters and Drivetrain Components
Fits Most FIVE Inch Tires
Rigid Fork